I think that in society, we don’t like the idea of blushing. It means we are embarrassed about something, am I right?

I was grabbing lunch from a fast food chain with my parents last weekend and I saw a younger girl, probably a high school student, grabbing her drink. She’s a beautiful girl. Long curly hair, tan skin. I noticed something though. Her shorts were awfully short, fitted and she was wearing a decorative bra for the purpose that it was to show out of her tank top.

Now I know what you are thinking, old lady Jamie over here judging the youth. I do want to just put this thought in your mind for a second. And I’ve been challenged with this myself the past few days. Challenged in my heart and mind as I unpack clothes and put them in the closet, threw out multiple shorts, that’s right threw out, because I decided I don’t want to pass these on to someone else. In doing so, I had this beautiful weird thought,  I want to bring back what it means to blush. I think our society as a whole should want to bring back what it means to blush. In the best way. We are exposed to a lot these days and it’s almost like we just aren’t surprised anymore. I just realized the man I want to marry one day, I want him to find my shoulders attractive, my fingers attractive, my toes. The way I hold a cup of coffee in my hand or laugh when it’s too big to care if my gums are showing (yes that’s a thing). I want to respect myself enough to know that I’m worth waiting for and that he is worth protecting in what I choose to wear until that day. I want to make only one man blush with the beauty God gave me the ability to reveal. Maybe that sounds like TMI or uncomfortable, but like I said I urge you to truly think about this.

Modesty isn’t for the faint of heart. It is a position of the heart and a mindset and it might take some wrestlin’ within ourselves to understand, challenge accepted. It’s saying not just I want to be careful what I wear, but I want to think differently about how I compose myself. When a man or woman compliments you in some way, they are actually complimenting the glory of God! And one of the hardest things, at least in my own life, is to just accept that compliment. You are beautiful, and that is a manifestation of the image of God on and in you!

I want to urge you to really think about this ladies, we complain about our bodies and the first thought that comes into my mind is this image from the movie Mean Girls. They stand in front of the mirror and all start saying things they don’t like about themselves. My hips are huge, I hate my calves, my pores are huge, my hairline is weird, my nailbeds suck. (haha, those are direct quotes).

How often do we get ready in the morning or to go somewhere and feel less than par. Some days I feel like a 3 and on a good day maybe I’ll feel like a 7, but the truth is we are all 10’s, because on my 3 day or my 7 day, God fills me up to 10. We are comparing ourselves to other women and we see what we have as not enough, what if every time you said “Wow! Jesus the stars are really breathtaking!” His response was, “Well yeah, but that one is out of place, those are too close together, that earthquake happened and that mountain was beautiful until it’s now crumbling, that comet won’t stay where I put it, it keeps running off…”. What if God had only had the stars shine in the day and at night they were just dark? You see sometimes it’s also about timing. One day it’s going to be ok to show it all off for the man or woman God gives you, and it’s going to be beautiful. You shouldn’t have to worry if he’s going to stick around after you bear it all. You shouldn’t feel worried that this man will leave if you don’t have a six pack, a two pack, a backpack, fanny pack, whatever pack, because the stars are shining when they should. The purpose is the right one and God will smile down on it and it will be good. When we shine our stars in the day no one really cares. The suns out, there is skin everywhere. It’s hot. It’s in style. Believe me ladies, I have a hard time finding shorts and dresses. I feel your pain, but there are better options and they are worth searching for.  I just hope this midi dress is sticking around because I’ll tell you what,  I love it. I digress…

When we speak condemnation over our bodies, our lives, we invite death in. I had this amazing picture of myself tending a garden. I was unhappy with God because 7 out of the 8 plants I had in my garden were dying, barely sprouting, and then the one that was flourishing. I didn’t know what that meant so I asked God, “why are you showing me this?”

I felt like he told me you think you only have this one quality. But I gave you all eight, you just told yourself you didn’t have the other 7 and you didn’t water them, you didn’t nurture these traits in your life. You told yourself you are a tomboy, you aren’t feminine, you aren’t good at cooking, you aren’t very good at hospitality, you aren’t blah blah blah. You condemned these qualities you have.

There is a story in Mark 11 where Jesus curses a fig tree. I believe words are powerful, especially when we repeat them over and over in our lives.  Wow. Conviction. Let’s speak life into our lives and the lives of others. Let’s invite Jesus into our “dark” places. Let’s invite God to speak Truth into our lives. At Bible study yesterday we are studying the armor of God, and we discussed the devils tactics. This is a perfect example. You are created in beauty. The beauty of the Almighty God. You can’t lose it or earn it for that matter. It’s a part of your design, and since the devil can’t actually take if from you, he will do everything he can to make you believe the lie that you don’t have it at all. You are beautiful. You are worth it all. You have confidence. Let’s learn what it means to blush again.


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