Day one and my heart is already over flowing. How I’ve missed this jagged horizon deeply.
Seeing the snow ice mountain peaks as we landed was literally all the heart eye emojis, happy tears, and a million other emotions.

It’s too hard to describe vast. You just have to experience it.

We are all pretty exhausted, maybe 12 hours all three of us combined, but that doesn’t stop us from making the most of our first day out here.

I can’t tell you though how thankful I am for friends who embraced this crazy proposition. This crazy adventure. Days packed with hiking, driving, and anticipation of what we will find out here.
Tuesday we drove to the Broadmoor at Colorado Springs and then to hike Garden of the Gods. The Broadmoor was prettier than expected and a perfect start to our trip.

It started to rain upon arrival and the troopers I have for friends say yes to taking on the 224 stairs….steep stairs to view all seven falls. Not only that, but also hike to Inspiration Point at the top, in the rain. Facing our fears of heights, we did this together, trying our best not to look down and not to fall down 224 stairs since the stairs were slick with rain.
The second adventure of our day was hiking through Garden of the Gods. I spent too much time with “mountain brain” laughing with two girls as we named our own rock formations instead of just finding the ones  already named.

Thankful. Beyond thankful. We are beyond pumped for what the week ahead holds.



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