Running the Tetons. 

Day 5 was the culmination of our trip.

Race day!

Waking up to a dark, cold morning (4:00am)  in Jackson to run 13.1 miles in these mountains.
It was hard to get started mentally. I felt overcome with fear. It felt like everything was working against me. Had a moment of defeat the night before, but thanks to awesome friends and the resort hot tub, I moving forward despite the negative thoughts swirling in my mind. The weather was chilly for sure, my muscles felt tight, it was so so early, we felt frazzled. My odds weren’t feeling ideal to finish or finish well.

Once the race started though, it felt pretty good. I had what felt like my groove. Ran with friends, made new friends, and kept moving praying that my muscles would warm and I’d be able to finish this thing in one piece.

Hip update. Hips were so good. Barely any pain until mile 11. I had to walk most of the last two miles…BUT I finished a half marathon! At altitude, with a hip I didn’t think could do it in the time I had. And next to the most beautiful mountain range.

God spoke to me through so many things in the past month, and here I was with tears in my eyes watching these beautiful mountains cheer me on. I couldn’t contain them as I ran towards the finish line! 6 months of healing, or therapy, small amounts of training and I just finished my first half.


I could not have picked anything better. These girls. These mountains.
When I found my friends at the end, hugs and tears…more hugs, were all I had. Happiness is an understatement. Joy. Pure joy.
Praise Jesus for miracles!


Also I ended up with a mild case of altitude sickness post race. I forgot what was happening for a while. (Nervous laugh)

The other side funny story to this day was when Kelly and I skipped a hiking day to go to a Wyoming hot spring…it was a tiny disappointment. Since the water was as warm as the resort hot tub we felt a little let down after driving 2 hours and finding we could have stayed at the resort pool and saved ourselves some driving time. But you live and you learn. We did laugh about it. 🙂


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