Sunrise, sunset. 

Do you think sometimes God gets tired of making amazing things?
This thought crossed my mind, as I sat on the lakes edge and watched the sun go down. God are you tired of making beautiful sunrises and sunsets each day? Tired of wooing my heart?…Am I high maintenance? hahaha
I looked out in front of me and thought, this was the kind of sunset that didn’t make a big deal about itself. It wasn’t overly vibrant. Not orange or yellow and red. It didn’t fill the whole sky. It just melted behind the clouds like it was no big deal, as life moved quickly into evening. Blurring one day into the next. A transition I think little about. Maybe no one posted a photo on instagram of this sunset and no ones breath was taken away when they walked out the front door. No second glance or double take.

And I heard God tell me in that moment that God created things so they don’t have to be managed. He’s not putting on a play, where he plays all the characters and the stage crew and he runs everywhere and if he misses his cue the sunset is less than overwhelming. He’s not tired of pursuing my heart with pretty sunsets, or wild, white flowers, or snow peaked jagged mountain tops, or acoustic versions of my favorite songs. See the pursuing of my heart isn’t always the sunset itself. He’s helping me become aware of my surroundings and that’s how he woos my heart. Through relationship. Through presence. It isn’t the flower, or sun, or even the mountains themselves. It’s the awareness of pursuit that truly makes the thing in front of me matter.
But in spite of Him being the all powerful God of the universe it’s amazing that He gave us 6 days of working, creating, wooing…and then day seven He taught us the importance of resting in it. Of being and not having to do all the things. Of simply sitting in creation in awe that all the world is autonomously working as instructed, while we rest in its beauty. (In my best Gru impression)
“light bulb”.
The world is designed with forward motion. To autonomously function without constant instruction. It’s built in. Sometimes our circumstances and choices make for sunsets that don’t draw attention to themselves. And our hearts inward focus to less awareness of him and more awareness to the problems crowding our life. Then there are times when God grabs us with sunsets that bring us to our knees in tears. And you can’t help but be in his awareness. Fully immersed. But it’s always important to take a second and rest your heart when it feels too heavy. To remember to sit in who he created us to be instead of striving to hit all the marks. Sit and recognize that autonomously we too are created to woo. With your kindness, your smile, your very presence. It’s important.