imageIt’s been a crazy few days. Actually weeks. Life has not felt instagram worthy, and yet it always is.

A few weeks ago God gave me an opportunity to see the Grand Canyon. I’ve been dreaming of this experience for awhile now.

I remember the bus trip there. Long. Early morning. Maybe a little bit anxious. Disappointments arose throughout the day, but God kept reminding me that the goal was Grand and not the pitstops along the way and to just embrace the journey.

When the moment came to walk up, it felt so strange and I saw it in the distance and can feel it even now as I type the words, the lump in your throat, eyes filling with tears. It’s here. It’s in front of me. It doesn’t even look real. I was expecting it to be alive. To move. I don’t know, but it was so still. It just was.

I escaped off and found a quiet spot to enjoy this moment with Jesus and take it all in. I sat at the edge and felt God tell me in my heart, “This is how much I love you.” I got you here when you never thought you would have the time or the money or the company. And here you are. Tears filled my eyes, because I knew it was true.

This past week, Jesus asked me to come outside one night and watch the stars with Him. I laughed thinking about the funny, amazing wonderful times I’d spent in this home. I cried thinking about what I’ll miss as I move on to the next one. I cried seeing the girl I was when I moved in and the woman I am now as I move out. New beginnings can be exciting, but they can also be terribly scary.

On that porch, I sat under the starry summer sky and sang song after song to Jesus. Crying and just being thankful. (It’s ok you can laugh at the scene of an almost 30 year old wrapped in a blanket laying on the deck watching stars, my neighbors and my roommate probably did.) I’m so thankful for this life. Even when it hurts so bad you want to wallow a little longer…And then you hear God pursue your heart.

I heard Jesus say to me on that porch looking at this beautiful, breathtaking sky I can’t even comprehend, “Jamie, this is how much I love you.” (cue ugly cry)

Now all this to tell you. This life is short. It’s a speck in time. My heart is so alive and in love with the King of it all. He is in love with you. Not the kind that falls in and falls out. Not the kind that does what it wants when it wants or when you do what it wants. Not the kind that is convenient. The kind that breaks the norm. The one that kicks down doors and walls to get to you. The one that never stops chasing you. And He is the creator. He is the King. He is everything.

Now bear with me. I’m talking telescopes. I read something beautiful and I want to urge you to look at this beautiful reality. (Science nerd.)

The hubble space telescope.

“The light the telescope can see has been traveling for years and years to get there.” Whoa. “So you’re telling me that the light it’s seeing for the first time right this second is light that’s been already traveling toward it for years?”


Unbelieveable. Even before that telescope could see-even before it existed-light was already traveling toward it . It may be that the Hubble is chasing the edge of the universe, but the reality is that the light from the edge of the universe was chasing the telescope way before scientists had even made the plans to put it into orbit. The telescope has to “choose” to see, yes. But the glory to be seen was always there, always sprinting right down to its level. -Grace Thronton

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The Light of the world has been in love and pursuing you before you were born. Before you chose Him. Before you knew maybe that He existed.

The point of this was absolutely beautiful and I hope that you can see it. You see, I saw the Grand Canyon and I was amazed when God said I love you this much. It seemed like it was a huge deal, right? Except God challenged me and then he hit it home when reading Grace’s words. She used the example of the ocean. It’s massive, but you see, the ocean or the Grand Canyon and all it’s grand-ness ends. It has limits. I might not see the end, but it does in fact end. However when God showed me the stars He was calling me to know and understand something that I cannot yet comprehend. Limitless. Boundless. Endless. Infinite. However you want to word it, love.